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- a addictive game, which is easy to learn and hard to master.
- some sheeptastic, nice looking gui with tons of animations etc
- an online highscore list
- an ingame editor with upload function
- save your game and play again later
- 4 achievements
- more than 100 levels
- a tutorial
- 5 hidden game!!!

How to play:

Your goal in the endless mode is to eat all the flowers
to reach the next level and in the puzzle mode to clear
the level in as few as possible moves. Click with the left mouse button on a sheep and it will start
running. If it meets another sheep it will change the
direction and the new sheep will add to the flock of sheep. Sounds easy? IT IS and it is so much fun!

About the game:

ApoSheeptastic was made by Dirk Aporius.
The graphics was made by Antje Huebler.
The music was made by Kai Wegner.


Q: What sense are the coins?
A: You get coins if you play the endless mode or beat 
a level in the puzzle mode.
In the endless mode you can buy
a tip which sheep would make the biggest flock of sheep,
in the level mode you can buy a tip which sheep you should
start to clear the level. Q: Where I can change my name? A: In the options menu. Q: What languages are supported? A: German and English. Q: Where I can find the hidden games? A: I think the sheep in the credits menu look queer. =)