Description / How to play:

ApoMonoMirror4k is a clever, stylish puzzle game.

Move with the cursor keys.
Press 'space' to activate the mirror mode.
Press up to pick up a box.
Press down to drop a box.

Press 'r' to restart the level
Press 'n' to start the next level
Press 'p' to start the previous level


Q: Hey I like that game!
A: Thanks.

Q: Do you make more ingenious 4k games?
A: Yes! Try them out and visit my 4k game site.

Q: Was that basic gameplay your idea?
A: No! The game is called fold from Cosine.

Q: I can't pass level x ... What to do?
A: Watch the walkthrough on youtube.

About the game:

ApoMonoMirror4k was made by Dirk Aporius,
for the 2013 Java 4k Competition.
The entire game is less than 4kb.

Source code